Zachary Reed
Published November 13, 2020

The bible tells us to Seek God's ways of doing things above our own. This starts with consuming the word of God. The seek tab let's you do just that by providing two ways to read scripture every day.

The morning ponder page provides you a single bible verse to focus on for the day. It also dives into the verse through a simple devotion. At the end you will be prompted with a thoughtfident question and an area for you to record your response.

Completing this section gives you 5 points.

Proverbs Perspective is an area for you to quickly read through the daily proverb of the day. This book is filled with wisdom and is written by King Solomon. At the bottom you will find a complete button that will record 5 additional daily points.

Completing both the morning ponder & proverbs perspective will give you 10 points for you day.

We recommend doing these two sections in the morning so you can put your focus on God at the beginning of your day.