Zachary Reed
Published November 13, 2020

My favorite tab is the declarations tab. Not only will you see a new declaration every day on the home page, but you can also build your library of power statements that you can speak over your life.

Proverbs says that life is given or taken away by the tongue’s power and everything we speak is like planting seeds around us in our reality. If you talk about negativity, you will experience it; if you talk about life, you will see new fruit growing around you.

A slideshow page that lets you go through each individual declaration one-by-one so you can speak them out loud. In the end, you are able to complete your session by clicking the big green checkmark to earn your 5 declaration points.

If you’re not sure what to add to your library, we’ve added a library of ready to go declarations that you can add to your list to get started.

Declarations are powerful because they can help reprogram your sub-conscience and re-wire some discombobulated wiring in your brain. It’s kind of like swapping out the software your mind runs on.

Finally, you can access the My Declarations area to edit, delete, and view all of your entered statements.