Checkout this video that will give you a great overview of the app and how to use it. If you went through onboarding inside the app, this is the same video:

The Bible tells us that when two or more are in agreement, it will be done! That's why the prayer tab is so powerful, it involves community & personal prayer time with God.

From the main homepage, you will see three tab options (Community, Prompts, and Prayer Journal).

The prayer community is a live prayer wall of any requests sent in from all app users. This is great because we can all pray for each other. You have the ability to hit the heart icon which lets everyone know that you prayed for this request.

Sometimes it's difficult & overwhelming to know what to pray for. The prayer prompt tab will shuffle random prayer prompts to give you something to pray for.

For private prayer requests that you're actively praying for, use the prayer journal tab. Here you can enter new private requests that only you can see, it also includes a slideshow feature like the declarations tab so you can shuffle through your prayer requests in real-time as you're praying.

We recommend that you complete the reflection tab at the end of your day, possibly before bed. Why? Because this tab is designed to get you thinking about your day, how it, how you can improve.

This tab has two prompts for you to fill out. Your daily victory which is simply what was the one win for your day that overpowered everything. You don't have to make this complicated, just enter a simple statement so you have a record of something great that happened.

Lastly, you will be prompted with a self reflection question.

My favorite tab is the declarations tab. Not only will you see a new declaration every day on the home page, but you can also build your library of power statements that you can speak over your life.

Proverbs says that life is given or taken away by the tongue’s power and everything we speak is like planting seeds around us in our reality. If you talk about negativity, you will experience it; if you talk about life, you will see new fruit growing around you.

A slideshow page that lets you go through each individual declaration one-by-one so you can speak them out loud. In the end, you are able to complete your session by clicking the big green checkmark to earn your 5 declaration points.

If you’re not sure what to add to your library, we’ve added a library of ready to go declarations that you can add to your list to get started.

Declarations are powerful because they can help reprogram your sub-conscience and re-wire some discombobulated wiring in your brain. It’s kind of like swapping out the software your mind runs on.

Finally, you can access the My Declarations area to edit, delete, and view all of your entered statements.

Gratitude has the power to transform your mind by focusing on the positive things that are happening in your life. Science has proved that the practice of gratitude can help you remove toxic emotions, improve wellbeing, and leads to a better life.

This section of the app allows you to track 5 pieces of gratitude everyday.

By completing this section you will earn an additional 5 daily points.

The bible tells us to Seek God's ways of doing things above our own. This starts with consuming the word of God. The seek tab let's you do just that by providing two ways to read scripture every day.

The morning ponder page provides you a single bible verse to focus on for the day. It also dives into the verse through a simple devotion. At the end you will be prompted with a thoughtfident question and an area for you to record your response.

Completing this section gives you 5 points.

Proverbs Perspective is an area for you to quickly read through the daily proverb of the day. This book is filled with wisdom and is written by King Solomon. At the bottom you will find a complete button that will record 5 additional daily points.

Completing both the morning ponder & proverbs perspective will give you 10 points for you day.

We recommend doing these two sections in the morning so you can put your focus on God at the beginning of your day.

Thoughtfident is designed to help you grow closer to God with intentional daily tools that help you focus on Him.

Everything starts on the home page, where all the main growth tools are located.

Each tool has its own help page that breaks down in detail how to use it. Here's a quick overview of each tool from the home tab:

  • SEEK - Focused on getting you into the word of god every day. Includes two sections:
    • Morning Ponder - daily bible verse, short devotional content & a thoughtfident reflection question. Earns 5 points every day.
    • Proverbs Perspective - read the corresponding proverb of the day, from the New Living Translation. Earns 5 points every day.
  • GRATITUDE - Provides a form of entry where you can track 5 pieces of daily gratitude. Earns 5 points every day.
  • DECLARATIONS - An area where you can speak life over yourself with positive affirmations. Earns 5 points every day. Includes three sections:
    • I Declare - A slideshow page that lets you go through each individual declaration one-by-one so you can speak them out loud. In the end, you are able to complete your session by clicking the big green checkmark to earn your 5 declaration points.
    • Library - Not sure how to get started with declarations? This section will let you add pre-made declarations by category into your declaration list.
    • My Declarations - All the declaration you have entered manually or added in from the library. You can edit & delete your declarations from this area of the app.
  • Reflection - This section is best used at night before bed. It gives you an area to track your victory for the day so you always have a record of a daily win! Also, you have an additional reflection question and area to enter your response. It's important to reflect back on your day!
  • Prayer - This section is powerful! It has three sections included as well and lets you grow deeper in your prayer life.
    • Community - A live prayer wall of requests from the community of app users! You have the ability to pray for other members using the app and mark that you prayed for them.
    • Prompts - An area of randomly generated prayer prompts that you can use at any time to put the focus back on God.
    • Prayer Journal - An area for your private prayer requests. It also has a slideshow function like declarations, so you can easily slide through prayer requests on a daily basis while connecting with God.

When you click on your profile photo or user icon in the upper right corner, you will be brought into your profile page. Here you can edit your information, change your email address & password, manage your subscription & also email support.

The Timeline button let's you see all of your entries from the home page tools. This will let you scroll through time and read your entries. The indicator icons on each entry lets you know if you completed the daily 4 items that tracks points (Morning Ponder, Proverbs Perspective, Gratitude, and Declarations).

Clicking on the view timeline button will let you see all data entered for that day.

Thoughtfident encourages you to complete the daily 4, which include:

  • Reading & Completing The Morning Ponder (5 Points)
  • Reading & Completing Proverbs Perspective (5 Points)
  • Entering 5 pieces of Gratitude (5 Points)
  • Completing the "I Declare" declarations page (5 points)

This gives you the ability to earn 20 points everyday, for completing the items. The stats page will show you how many points you've earned for that day as well as total points earned "all time"

The object is not to "check off" items in the app on a list. Instead, the focus is you earn points as you spend more time in God's word & presence.

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